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The Noritsu Web Kiosk v3.0 with Web PRISM is now available. Web PRISM is the Noritsu Web Kiosk's cutting-edge product editing tool enabling you to offer your customers not just photos, enlargements and canvas prints but advanced products such as photobooks, greetings cards, printed T-shirts and a whole host of other photogifts.


Web PRISM combines a powerful image processing engine with a straight forward WYSIWYG user interface. You won't be losing customers because they have to download additional software, install ActiveX plug-ins or run Java Applets. Users can simply drag-and-drop images into place, add, edit and drag text whilst also quickly rotating and zooming in/out of images, meaning that even new users can create stylish, customised products in minutes.


There is a large selection of templates available for each product offering a range of styles, colours and sizes, which you can simply and easily switch between whilst editing.

 Photobook Edited and Shrunk
Drag and Drop Edited and Shrunk