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How do Photographers use the Noritsu Web Kiosk?

The Noritsu Web Kiosk is quick and intuitive for photographers - be they home users, students or professionals. The process is as easy as 1-2-3:

1: Upload

Photographers go direct to your photo lab's web page, www.SmithPhotos.com, for example. An 'Order Now' link takes them into the web kiosk. They can now start ordering online from home or work, Mac or PC at any time of the day.

uploading photos

2: Choose

The Noritsu Web Kiosk has the same simplicity and flexibility that photographers expect from a physical kiosk. It is easy to add larger prints and other products (eg. posters, canvases, photogifts) to an order. Photographers can preview, zoom, crop and rotate images. Print effects can also be selected (black & white & sepia).

Choosing Photos

3: Order

The Noritsu Web Kiosk automatically calculates the cost and displays all the items in a shopping cart. When the customer is ready, they can place their order, and pay upfront if required.

Complete Photo Order