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Advantages for the Photographer
and the Photo lab

For the photographer:

  • Convenience of ordering from home or office 24 / 7
  • Reliability, quality and service of a highstreet location
  • Easy to use, state of the art kiosk functionality
Web Kiosk Icon Overview

For the photo lab:

  • Increase competitiveness and convenience, without cutting margins
  • Receive orders 24 / 7
  • Offer customers fast, smart and future proof kiosk technology, for less than the typical depreciation cost of an instore kiosk
  • No queuing to use the web kiosk - it's available to multiple customers simultaneously
  • Tap into the growing consumer demand for online ordering, whilst maintaining highstreet prices and the option of still selling extra frames and albums when customer visits to pickup
  • Perfect evolution of High Street location - fast, convenient and livelinked for extra business via the web